• Local Favorites

    Where to get your local east side quarantine coffee fix

    Mile 42 Coffee (Loveland) Located right on Broadway in downtown Loveland, Mile 42 Coffee just opened up this year. I’ve stopped by to study twice now and both times the place was packed to the gills with people. It’s always awesome to see new places thriving right away, and so it’s extra important to support them right now so they’ll stay around even longer! They serve Coffee Emporium coffee which is delicious. They’re located right by the Loveland Bike Trail, so if you’re one of those insane people who goes for long bike rides along the trail, make sure you stop and grab a drink from them! They are still…

  • Local Favorites

    The Governor – Milford

    As your friendly Milford gal, I feel it is my duty to pimp any and all Milford businesses because a) I want more cool shit to continue to open here and b) Milford is great. (I promise. Crossing the line into Clermont County doesn’t even require a passport!) Downtown Milford is mostly a collection of antique/vintage/art shops with a few randoms thrown in (a cobbler? an old school appliance store? A LAMP SHOP). We’ve got a coffee shop that, sadly, is closing up shop next week. We’ve got our own brewery, a wine bar (20 Brix), a pizza joint (Padrino), and an ice cream parlor, and soon* we’ll have our…

  • Five Things

    Five things: New Year Edition

    Hello, blog, do you remember me? Your well-meaning owner who is just too damn tired to write but has many great ideas? I’ve set a new goal for myself to write once a week and I’m hoping this “five things” format makes that easier for me. Here’s what’s up this week… 1. I scheduled my final CPA exam last week! I’m taking it February 27 which seems both far away and also really super close. When I’m finished I plan to write a whole series of tips and tricks about taking the CPA exam, so stay tuned if you’re interested in that. This whole journey has been a whirlwind trip…

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  • Staycation: Cincinnati

    Five neat, new non-brewery places to get a drink in Cincinnati

    I love beer, okay? Oh, you noticed? What gave it away? And I love going to breweries, near and far. But one of the downfalls of breweries is that, well, they really only have beer, and only their beer. What if you and your pals are on a bourbon kick? Or he wants Brink and you want MadTree? We’ve been checking out non-brewery places to drink lately, and here are a few of my favorites: Bishop’s Quarter (Loveland): This cute little place opened up in the revitalized, post-fire downtown Loveland. We’ve not tried the food (it’s New Orleans/southern themed, and I think appetizers/small plates only) but we have checked out…

  • Dannie (in Real Life)

    Travel Log: The [Appalachian] Mountains are calling

    Is there any better way to celebrate taking a professional certification exam than to jump in the car and get the hell outta dodge to enjoy some R&R? After finishing my first of four CPA exams (FAR, for those of you scoring at home), my brain needed to be far, far (see what I did there?) away from numbers and thinking so we spent the long Memorial Day weekend in Asheville, NC! I had been before – like, eight years ago – but only briefly and with a whole lot less planning and way before I had an acquired taste for delicious craft beer. So this time I put my…

  • Dannie (in Real Life),  Staycation: Cincinnati

    Dayton Ale Trail

    If you scroll back to last year, you’ll see where I recapped last winter’s beer-drinking adventure, the Cincinnati Brewery Passport. We had a lot of fun doing it and checking out some new places we ended up really liking (and some we didn’t). Fast forward to some time in late fall (I only know this because Bearcat football was on TV) when on an afternoon out we decided to make a stop at FigLeaf Brewing in Middletown, which turns out is not too far away from Monroe’s Rivertown Brewery. At FigLeaf we came across the Dayton Ale Trail passports! (I mean, I wouldn’t call that Dayton…) We’re not in Dayton…

  • Dannie (in Real Life)

    On friendships, and letting them go.

    At some point, probably in my late 20s, I took inventory on the people in my life and realized that for the most part, I was pulling all the weight in my friendships. There was no meeting halfway — these people were not going out of their way to text or to visit — because, for some reason, the expectation was always on me. So I started some kind of pseudo social experiment where I just stopped trying. I wasn’t going to initiate the conversations and I wasn’t going to be the one who always went out of my way for everyone else anymore. I wanted to find out if…

  • Staycation: Cincinnati

    The sticky-sweet Butler County Donut Trail

    Have you heard of the Butler County Donut Trail? Just north of Cincinnati, scattered across Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown, Oxford, and West Chester are twelve donut shops known as the Donut Trail, sponsored by the Butler County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. You can download the passport off the website or pick one up in store at any of the locations included. Each one will stamp your passport (Oxford Doughnut Shoppe is optional & comes pre-stamped) and once you’ve got all twelve you can return the passport for a sweet t-shirt. Last year, a group of my friends got together to do the passport in one fell swoop. Unfortunately I had other commitments…

  • Dannie (in Real Life)

    Let’s get surgical!

    Last time we spoke I was updating you on my midsummer myomectomy which went really well and the recovery wasn’t bad at all outside the first few weeks. I went back to work around Labor Day and things were going swimmingly for the month of September. Work was busy (how I like it), school was stupidly busy and a bit overwhelming (bleh), I had been helping a lot with some local political issues. Things were going fairly well… then October happened, and this happened: First we thought it was just a sprain, then maybe we thought I had torn a ligament or my meniscus, but it turns out I ripped…

  • Dannie (in Real Life)

    Post-Op Update: 2.5 weeks

    This week marked two weeks post-op, although it’s beginning to feel like it was a year ago. I had my first post-op appointment and it went well; the doctor was pleased with the way things were looking. I am starting to feel better, if I sit still and don’t move… but we all know how hard that is for me. I’ve overdone it a little bit with the freedom to drive again (no more pain medication!), and I’ve paid for it by feeling less than great so I’m currently reminding myself to relax and rest (ha!).