Cincinnati Dinner Train

2018-04-12 Dannielle 0

At some point last fall, The Boyfriend and I were sitting at the end of the ramp from Wooster Pike/Columbia Parkway to Red Bank Road, directly facing a railroad track that has always seemed vacant. But this time — much to my glee! — was a train! With people on … [read more]

Travel Log: Arizona

2018-02-08 Dannielle 0

Wednesday, January 24 Day One in Arizona did not quite go as planned. Leaving Las Vegas was painless, checking in and getting through TSA was surprisingly quick, and everything seemed like it was going smoothly — that is, until we board the plane (as it goes) — and the pilots … [read more]

Travel Log: Viva Las Vegas

2018-02-08 Dannielle 0

When the NHL decided to award Las Vegas an NHL franchise, I knew that was finally my excuse to make a visit out west and see the spectacle that is Sin City. I had never had any particular inclination to go to Las Vegas before (I’m not much of a … [read more]

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Resolutions are for dorks.

2018-01-06 Dannielle 0

I am never too proud to admit that a new year is a good time for a fresh start. A new journal, a new planner, and 365 brand new days to not fuck it all up. Of course, to the cynics out there, I recognize that I don’t have to … [read more]

Summer 2017: let’s do ALL the things!

2017-08-28 Dannielle 0

Oh… hey, remember me? …that one girl who used to update this blog occasionally. Yeah, about that… I forgot. Actually, I’ve just been so busy livin’ this summer that it slipped my mind. There is no shortage of things to do in Cincinnati, especially in the summer, and I’ve been … [read more]

Travel Log: Cleveland (May 2017)

2017-06-07 Dannielle 0

Cleveland is one of those cities that kind of unfortunately (for them) gets a bad rap for a variety of reasons (the Browns, dirty river on fire, Drew Carey, etc.) and because I’m from Cincinnati, I must assert my in-state superiority complex by making fun of it relentlessly. To be … [read more]

March 2017: Eat, drink, and be Cincy.

2017-04-20 Dannielle 0

The last month was filled with a lot of good Cincinnati-ing. February 28: I met my good friend April at Logan’s Roadhouse in Florence, KY to try our hand at another Paint Nite creation, one originally created by her cousin up north in Canada. Please, nobody tell my high school art … [read more]

February 2017: black-tie, brews, and ballroom dancing

2017-02-19 Dannielle 0

February has been even more exciting than January was! We kicked off the month on February 4th with the Hearts for Hope Gala at the Duke Energy Convention Center, supporting Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati. BHGH is a wonderful organization that, in their words, “provides educational opportunities and stability to motivated, underserved … [read more]