• Dannie (in Real Life)

    I sold my car to Carvana and all I got was this really good deal

    Let me preface this whole post by saying: buying a car sucks. Car salesmen can be skeevy and if you’re not savvy, they absolutely will take advantage of you. Not to mention, cars are terrible depreciating assets and lose a ton of value the minute you buy them. What a scam. But, for many of us, cars are an unfortunate necessity. I bought my Hyundai Elantra back in 2015. It’s a 2015, but it had 25,000 miles on it when I bought it, so I got a better-than-brand-new value on it. It was a good car and went on quite a few road trips and was always good to me.…

  • Where in the World is Dannie Sandiego?

    Daytrip Adventures: Akron, OH

    As everybody knows, in the time of Covid, travel is extremely hard when you’re trying to stay safe. On top of that, we’ve got a kitty with diabetes who takes insulin twice a day and it’s not exactly easy to find someone to come give him a shot at 6am. Needless to say, we haven’t traveled since last August. But wanted to celebrate our four-year dating anniversary with a little day trip to somewhere we’d never been before. And that’s how we decided on Akron! First Stop: Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens So, it turns out, Stan Hywet is not actually a person’s name, it’s Old English for “stone quarry”…

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    Protecting your hair from hard water

    Let me preface this by saying that I, in no way, consider myself any kind of beauty blogger. Beer and food are much more my speed. However, since moving into my house almost six years ago (where does time go?), I’ve struggled massively with my neighborhood’s hard water and the effect it has on my poor hair. Unchecked, it makes my hair feel sticky and hard to manage. For the last few years I’ve made a conscious effort to find the best hair care treatment possible to mitigate the damaged, sticky hair feeling. And, my friends, I think I may have found it! Washing I will totally admit that I…

  • Local Favorites,  Staycation: Cincinnati

    My Clermont County Bucket List

    After living in Clermont County for approximately two-thirds of my life, I’d like to think that I have seen it all — but I really haven’t, and things change! With the help of Discover Clermont‘s website, I put together a list of things I think are absolutely the musts when visiting Clermont County. Quite a few of these I’ve done before, but some of these will be new to me! I hope you’ll join me on my journey and decide to take one yourself!

  • Dannie (in Real Life)

    Life after the CPA Exam: COVID-19 Style

    What a bizarre timeline we are living in. I went from the hustle and bustle of a full-time job and 20+ hours a week of studying to… continuing to have no life, but with a lot more free time! I am very fortunate to still have my job and to be able to work from the safety of home, but this whole thing has taught me one important thing: I could never work from home full-time. Bleh. This is for the birds. The first few days were da bomb: rolling out of bed at 7 (okay, I’m still doing that) and logging in to my work PC in my pajamas.…

  • Local Favorites

    Where to get your local east side quarantine coffee fix

    Mile 42 Coffee (Loveland) Located right on Broadway in downtown Loveland, Mile 42 Coffee just opened up this year. I’ve stopped by to study twice now and both times the place was packed to the gills with people. It’s always awesome to see new places thriving right away, and so it’s extra important to support them right now so they’ll stay around even longer! They serve Coffee Emporium coffee which is delicious. They’re located right by the Loveland Bike Trail, so if you’re one of those insane people who goes for long bike rides along the trail, make sure you stop and grab a drink from them! They are still…

  • Local Favorites

    The Governor – Milford

    As your friendly Milford gal, I feel it is my duty to pimp any and all Milford businesses because a) I want more cool shit to continue to open here and b) Milford is great. (I promise. Crossing the line into Clermont County doesn’t even require a passport!) Downtown Milford is mostly a collection of antique/vintage/art shops with a few randoms thrown in (a cobbler? an old school appliance store? A LAMP SHOP). We’ve got a coffee shop that, sadly, is closing up shop next week. We’ve got our own brewery, a wine bar (20 Brix), a pizza joint (Padrino), and an ice cream parlor, and soon* we’ll have our…

  • Five Things

    Five things: New Year Edition

    Hello, blog, do you remember me? Your well-meaning owner who is just too damn tired to write but has many great ideas? I’ve set a new goal for myself to write once a week and I’m hoping this “five things” format makes that easier for me. Here’s what’s up this week… 1. I scheduled my final CPA exam last week! I’m taking it February 27 which seems both far away and also really super close. When I’m finished I plan to write a whole series of tips and tricks about taking the CPA exam, so stay tuned if you’re interested in that. This whole journey has been a whirlwind trip…

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  • Staycation: Cincinnati

    Five neat, new non-brewery places to get a drink in Cincinnati

    I love beer, okay? Oh, you noticed? What gave it away? And I love going to breweries, near and far. But one of the downfalls of breweries is that, well, they really only have beer, and only their beer. What if you and your pals are on a bourbon kick? Or he wants Brink and you want MadTree? We’ve been checking out non-brewery places to drink lately, and here are a few of my favorites: Bishop’s Quarter (Loveland): This cute little place opened up in the revitalized, post-fire downtown Loveland. We’ve not tried the food (it’s New Orleans/southern themed, and I think appetizers/small plates only) but we have checked out…

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    Travel Log: The [Appalachian] Mountains are calling

    Is there any better way to celebrate taking a professional certification exam than to jump in the car and get the hell outta dodge to enjoy some R&R? After finishing my first of four CPA exams (FAR, for those of you scoring at home), my brain needed to be far, far (see what I did there?) away from numbers and thinking so we spent the long Memorial Day weekend in Asheville, NC! I had been before – like, eight years ago – but only briefly and with a whole lot less planning and way before I had an acquired taste for delicious craft beer. So this time I put my…