#JuddFest2016 – part the sixth! [5/27]

I like to pretend this guy is saying "Waaaaazup" because I'm a 90s child
No bueno.
No bueno.

On day six, we were up to nine (!) people, five of whom started the day a cooking/demo class at the School of Cooking. I took a pass on that, and instead the rest of us went out to Remoulade for lunch. It was a cute little place, but the service left something to be desired, and my jambalaya wasn’t great. The crunch-to-soft acceptability ratio was all off. (Hi, I’m one of those texture people.)

After lunch, we met up with the rest of the group and it was time to do one of my favorite things — Swamp Tour! This was my second one, and I loved it just as much as last year’s. Even if I get a little seasick sometimes.

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