#JuddFest2016 – part the sixth! [5/27]

2016-06-13 Dannielle 0

On day six, we were up to nine (!) people, five of whom started the day a cooking/demo class at the School of Cooking. I took a pass on that, and instead the rest of us went out to Remoulade for lunch. It was a cute little place, but the service left […]

#JuddFest2016 – part the fifth [5/26]

2016-06-13 Dannielle 0

Day five saw two more members of our group arrive from Cincinnati (hi, Craig and Ashley!). Our first stop of the day was for lunch, where we walked from our hotel to the St. James Cheese Company. Who doesn’t love cheese? I was playing it safe again, and went with […]

#JuddFest2016 – part the fourth [5/25]

2016-06-13 Dannielle 0

As I suspected, it would take me forty-seven years to finish writing about my trip, but here I am back with more. Day four! A lot of our day was improvised, I think, but that was part of the charm. As any self-respecting tourist does, we started our day with […]

#JuddFest2016 – part the third [5/24]

2016-06-01 Dannielle 1

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! This was a big day for us full of food and endless quantities of swamp ass. New Orleans, amirite? We started with a jaunt along the riverwalk on the Mississippi River, and on down to the French Market. As tourists do, we made sure to stop in […]

#JuddFest2016 – part the second [5/23]

2016-05-31 Dannielle 0

Day two started with high hopes for digestive luck (joke’s on me!) and brunch at the Camellia Grill, a quaint little diner with counter service. It was the kind of greasy-spoon place you know is going to be delicious the moment you walk in the door. The veggie omelette was […]

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Are you there, blog? It’s me, Dannie.

2016-04-12 Dannielle 2

It isn’t that I’ve forgotten about my blog, it’s just that I’m so freaking tired of writing papers all the time for school that writing for pleasure just doesn’t occur to me anymore. And I hate that, because I’ve had some pretty rad adventures, and I’m probably going to go back […]

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I’m not really an adult, I just play one on TV

2014-08-23 Dannielle 0

Oh, hello, blog. Since we spoke last, I’ve been very busy just doin’ me. Two weeks ago, I closed on my first home*. Big things are happening here! I couldn’t have done it without the incredible help of my darling little sister, my friend/loan officer, and my wonderful realtor (if you’re buying […]

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Things I Learned on Vacation

2013-05-01 Dannielle 0

This is by no means comprehensive and I am sure I will have more to add later, but without further ado, things I learned on vacation: I was born with an invisible button, and no matter what I do, I cannot deactivate it. Sometimes, without warning, I become completely impossible for […]