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    My Clermont County Bucket List

    After living in Clermont County for approximately two-thirds of my life, I’d like to think that I have seen it all — but I really haven’t, and things change! With the help of Discover Clermont‘s website, I put together a list of things I think are absolutely the musts when visiting Clermont County. Quite a few of these I’ve done before, but some of these will be new to me! I hope you’ll join me on my journey and decide to take one yourself!

  • Staycation: Cincinnati

    Five neat, new non-brewery places to get a drink in Cincinnati

    I love beer, okay? Oh, you noticed? What gave it away? And I love going to breweries, near and far. But one of the downfalls of breweries is that, well, they really only have beer, and only their beer. What if you and your pals are on a bourbon kick? Or he wants Brink and you want MadTree? We’ve been checking out non-brewery places to drink lately, and here are a few of my favorites: Bishop’s Quarter (Loveland): This cute little place opened up in the revitalized, post-fire downtown Loveland. We’ve not tried the food (it’s New Orleans/southern themed, and I think appetizers/small plates only) but we have checked out…

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    Dayton Ale Trail

    If you scroll back to last year, you’ll see where I recapped last winter’s beer-drinking adventure, the Cincinnati Brewery Passport. We had a lot of fun doing it and checking out some new places we ended up really liking (and some we didn’t). Fast forward to some time in late fall (I only know this because Bearcat football was on TV) when on an afternoon out we decided to make a stop at FigLeaf Brewing in Middletown, which turns out is not too far away from Monroe’s Rivertown Brewery. At FigLeaf we came across the Dayton Ale Trail passports! (I mean, I wouldn’t call that Dayton…) We’re not in Dayton…

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    The sticky-sweet Butler County Donut Trail

    Have you heard of the Butler County Donut Trail? Just north of Cincinnati, scattered across Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown, Oxford, and West Chester are twelve donut shops known as the Donut Trail, sponsored by the Butler County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. You can download the passport off the website or pick one up in store at any of the locations included. Each one will stamp your passport (Oxford Doughnut Shoppe is optional & comes pre-stamped) and once you’ve got all twelve you can return the passport for a sweet t-shirt. Last year, a group of my friends got together to do the passport in one fell swoop. Unfortunately I had other commitments…

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    Cincinnati Dinner Train

    At some point last fall, The Boyfriend and I were sitting at the end of the ramp from Wooster Pike/Columbia Parkway to Red Bank Road, directly facing a railroad track that has always seemed vacant. But this time — much to my glee! — was a train! With people on it! A train with people is unusual enough to get my attention and also pique my curiosity. Tell me more [about formerly popular forms of transportation we now find a novelty]! The train read Cincinnati Dinner Train, so an immediate (urgent) Google search led me to the Cincinnati Railway’s Cincinnati Dinner Train. It must have been the end of the season…

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    Staycation Cincinnati: Queen City Underground Tour

    For as long as I can remember (and especially over the last five years) I’ve taken offense to it when people say Cincinnati is boring or that there’s nothing to do. It just isn’t true! I’ve lived here most of my life and have always been fiercely defensive of the place I call home. Depending on what you’re interested in, there is plenty to do, and sometimes you just have to know where to look. One of my favorite discoveries has been the walking tours put on by American Legacy Tours in Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport. So far, I’ve done the Queen City Underground tour (twice!), the Newport Gangster Tour,…