Dannie (in Real Life),  Staycation: Cincinnati

Dayton Ale Trail

If you scroll back to last year, you’ll see where I recapped last winter’s beer-drinking adventure, the Cincinnati Brewery Passport. We had a lot of fun doing it and checking out some new places we ended up really liking (and some we didn’t).

Fast forward to some time in late fall (I only know this because Bearcat football was on TV) when on an afternoon out we decided to make a stop at FigLeaf Brewing in Middletown, which turns out is not too far away from Monroe’s Rivertown Brewery. At FigLeaf we came across the Dayton Ale Trail passports! (I mean, I wouldn’t call that Dayton…)

We’re not in Dayton often (and by often I mean, like, ever outside of the Air Show), but hey, maybe this would end up being an excuse to make a couple trips?

This past weekend, we happened to be heading up north to visit friends and had some extra time to kill, so we decided to take the scenic route to check out a few of the off-the-beaten-path stops on Dayton’s Ale Trail.

First we stopped in Xenia at Devil Wind Brewing. It wasn’t until after we left that I made the connection between “devil wind” and tornado and Xenia, because duh. We split a flight and hung out for a few. The brewery is almost a year old, tucked into an old building on Detroit Street. There wasn’t a whole lot of atmosphere, it felt a little like a dive bar grew up into a craft brewery, but the beers were actually pretty good. I really enjoyed the cranberry gose. We also tried a stout, a dunkel, and I think a wheat.

Stop #2 was Yellow Springs Brewery in — you guessed it — Yellow Springs! We had been there a while back, but that was during warmer months when the crowd wasn’t confined to the tiny tap room. It’s definitely more of a warm-weather stop, but we stopped for a drink anyway. I had Handsome, a really tasty brown ale that was surprisingly dark. They also have a pretty sick logo so I picked up a t-shirt while we were there. Yes, my entire t-shirt drawer is brewery shirts.

Last stop before heading onto our actual destination was Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co. in little Springfield, Ohio. The tap room was pretty large, in what looked like a very old factory, and had a laid back vibe with lots of light and lots of plants and chairs that look like they came from my doctor’s office’s waiting room. But for real, if I was closer to Springfield I could see it being a place I’d hang out because it was so relaxed. I had the Bavarian Lager, which was super east to drink. What’s up with their logo, though?

So now we’re up to 4 of 16 stamps in our Dayton passports. Which ones should we hit next?

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