If it’s not forever, if it’s just tonight, oh it’s still the greatest…

You came out of nowhere
Stealing my heart and brain
Flaming my every cell
You make me feel myself

Klesla. Leclaire. Nash. MacLean. Brule. Filatov.  Last place, last place, last place. The joke is always on us. We are always the joke. That’s so Columbus. Why not us? 2009: too many men. Keep piling it on. Huselius, Commodore, Carter. All the things that never happened like they were meant to. A Cubs-like fascination with a mysterious curse. Hitchcock, Noel, Boucher, Arniel. Howson. The All Star Game that wasn’t. Thirteen years of being filled with excitement and hope, only to watch it all fall apart, watch it crash and burn.

There’s no more loneliness
Only sparkles and sweat
There’s no more single fate
You make me feel myself

Bobrovsky. Anisimov. Atkinson. Dubinsky. Calvert. Foligno. Twelve straight with a point. 8-0-4. People are starting to notice this team again. This team you made fun a few weeks ago? Yeah, they’ve got guts. They had it all along, but you were too focused on making unoriginal jokes to notice they were creeping closer and closer to legitimacy, were one lucky break from all of those Ls being Ws. They’re no dynasty, but they’re all I could ever ask for in a hockey team. Twenty-something guys who play for each other. With each other. Fight for each other. With each other. They give it their all. They’re not perfect, but they’re a whole lot of fun to watch right now. It won’t last forever. This isn’t a Cup run. But after all of those long, sleepy nights on the road just to watch them give it up for nothing, I feel redeemed, and damn does it feel good. This is the kind of thing you can’t, won’t take away from me.

Let’s stay here forever.


  • francine

    You know that’s why I love hockey. I swear I loved the years my team were all those guys from the moose winning when everyone said they shouldnt and just doing it because they loved each other and doing it for each other and it was exciting and amazing. I mean the Cup run was great and stuff too, but it brought so much negative energy and so mmuch attention that is still there, and honestly I’m perfectly happy if they never win the Cup. Idk what kinda fan that makes me. I just want to watch them and have fun! SUmming up all this babble you’re totally right, these moments in time where your team is like this, man they are freaking GOLDEN. <3 Also I looove that you got to see such a fun game in person, yaaaaay!

  • Sam


    Those are the boys and the teams that you love. Not the supposed “superstars”. The ones who live and die for the team, who bleed and take the hit just to make a play and sometimes it even works.

    Man i miss those days (in Sabreland.) But I am so excited for the CBJs and all y’all beautiful fans. 🙂

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