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#JuddFest2016 – part the second [5/23]

IMG_1177Day two started with high hopes for digestive luck (joke’s on me!) and brunch at the Camellia Grill, a quaint little diner with counter service. It was the kind of greasy-spoon place you know is going to be delicious the moment you walk in the door. The veggie omelette was the size of my entire head (and much larger than my stomach), but absolutely delicious. If it’s not yet evident, we ate a lot of food on this trip, and almost all of it came from New Orleans originals.IMG_1178


Next, we swung through the French Quarter briefly and checked out the Voodoo Museum. Talk about a tourist trap, there wasn’t a whole lot to see for $5, but it was interesting to learn a little bit about a culture I know nothing about.

IMG_1232 (1)Our third stop of the day was one of my favorites – the National World War II Museum. I love war history and museums, and somehow I had no idea this gem was in New Orleans. I thought it a little strange that a southern US city was host to the WWII museum, but as it turns out, New Orleans was the home (design/testing) of the Higgins Boats used for amphibious landings in the Pacific. (The more you know.) (Shut up, nerd.) I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves history museums. I probably could have spent twice as much time here.

Bonus: there’s a restaurant/bar onsite called The American Sector. (Appropriate, right?) Their truffle fries were the bomb dot com. Give me more. I could eat them forever.

IMG_1269 (1)
Top 5 best truffle fries. Don’t argue with me.

But wait, there’s more! We weren’t done quite yet.

Last year I visited New Orleans and strolled through Bourbon Street quite early in the day, so this was my first evening Bourbon Street affair. First we walked through on our way to Port of Call (burger place, wasn’t a big fan), then hit a few spots on the way back, including Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, housed in one of the oldest structures in New Orleans, and a former business location for “privateer” (that means pirate) Jean Lafitte.IMG_1276

It was another night I wasn’t feeling so well, so I didn’t indulge terribly much. Plus it was day two of 7, and I was trying to save some liver power for later in the week. None the less, another great day.


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