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#JuddFest2016 – part the third [5/24]

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! This was a big day for us full of food and endless quantities of swamp ass. New Orleans, amirite? We started with a jaunt along the riverwalk on the Mississippi River, and on down to the French Market. As tourists do, we made sure to stop in every single store full of literally anything you can put a fleur de lis or a crawfish on. (I bought approximately 1,294 of them.)

Dat Dog has ketchup on it.
Dat Dog has ketchup on it.

Then it was off to Dat Dog on Frenchmen Street. I’m no hot dog connoisseur, but #YOLO/#vacation/etc. I was certainly not daring enough for an alligator or crawfish sausage, and I went with a boring ole pork hot dog with pickle relish and ketchup. Come at me. I ate

Have you hugged a wiener today?

the shit out of it, though. I think there was crack in the bun or something, because it was a little piece of carbohydrate heaven.


From there it was a stroll down Decatur, a few stops for drinks (as one does), and then we decided to take a trip out to Mardi Gras World. Getting there was an adventure; we figured we could take the streetcar to whichever stop, hop off and walk aIMG_1387 few blocks, and be there! The RTA had different plans, and we got on a streetcar that went one stop, forced us off, then told us the next one would take us the rest of the way. (Spoiler alert: it went past us.) So we walked, in the delicious 88-degree/100000000000% humidity Louisiana afternoon. (See aforementioned note regarding swamp ass.) I think it took us four days of walking through the Sahara (or Convention Center Blvd, same difference) to get there. But it was so worth it.

If Michael Jackson mated with a clown, it would make these two blonde chicks in sparkly suits.

Always, always, always go to Mardi Gras World if you’re in New Orleans. This tour got me so pumped for Mardi Gras that I was ready to book a flight for February/March/whenever the hell Mardi Gras is next year. By the end of the tour I was so freaking ready to catch some beads or ride on a parade float.

The start the tour by letting you try on some of the silly outfits, and you better believe we jumped on that opportunity. They also show you a quick video, and then give you a piece of king cake! KING CAKE!!!!! IN MAY!!!!! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a really big fan of that shit.

Shakespeare meets … a lot of glitter?

If you’re not familiar with Mardi Gras World, it’s a huuuuuge facility where a lot of props for parade floats are made, and where the Krewe of Orpheus houses their floats. The artists create most of them with foam and paper mache, though some are made of fiberglass (and they make the Chick-fil-A billboard cows!). I took about a million photos, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Go see them yourselves. It’s phenomenal.

I think they should dress like this in their wedding.
I think they should dress like this in their wedding.

It’s also a little bit creepy, but mostly just really awesome.

If you go there during the day, you might catch them working on the props, but we caught the tail end of their work day, so not much was going on.

After this, we headed back to our hotel to de-swampassify and gear up to head back out

Shrimp and corn maque choux
Shrimp and corn maque choux

for dinner. This time, we went to Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. Now, I don’t immediately think of pizza when I think of New Orleans and food, but who doesn’t love pizza? April and I did as we would end up doing basically every meal, and shared a couple of plates. First we had a corn and shrimp maque choux. First of all, what the fuck is that? Our waiter (from Ohio, no less), sold it pretty well and I love both shrimp and corn, so I was an easy sell. Then we split a small shrimp (see?) and crab pizza. I could have done with 100% less artichoke hearts, but otherwise it was delicious. I could eat that maque choux all day every day.

None for you.

After a pretty busy day of stuffing our faces, crotch sweat, and touristy shopping in the French Quarter, we were pretty tuckered out and ready to head back. It was a really awesome warm evening when we hopped the streetcar back down to our hotel, and we even got to see our favorite streetcar operator who lied about the train earlier in the day. (Note: nobody was throatpunched.)

A few last random (weird) photos from Mardi Gras World:



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