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#JuddFest2016 – the epic vacation, part the first [5/22]

If we’re friends on Facebook or Snapchat, you’ve probably seen the extravaganza of photos and updates from New Orleans over the last ten days. On the 22nd, I hopped a flight from CVG to MSY to join four of my favorite people for a week of pre-nuptial festivities (and for me, post-graduation celebrations!). First of all, shout out to Allegiant for the absolutely painless experience. It was my first time flying with them; I’m loyal to Southwest to the end, but sometimes it’s nice to actually fly out of the airport closest to my house. Oh, and also very nice to spend $150 on an airline ticket. And neither of my flights were delayed!

IMG_1168The day started with a trip through one of my favorite places: St. Louis Cemetery #2. To some, walking through a cemetery is strange, but I always find it to be such a beautiful, fascinating place. Some of the tombs are so old (1801! …which predates the cemetery?) and many are so damaged it’s impossible to discern who was buried there, but some are still adorned with flowers.

From there, it was time for a little Sunday Funday. First, we took a drive across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway which was my least favorite thing ever. Despite being overly nerdy for both transportation and architecture, I just 
don’t do bridges. I even built one in a high school gifted class and my design was impeccable! But I don’t want to go on a real one. This behemoth is something like 25 miles long and accompanied by a big ole nope from me. Except this time I wasn’t behind the wheel, and next thing I know…

We’re on a bridge, Charlie.

Good news: at the end of the bridge was beer. Also, Covington, LA, home to the Abita Brewery. It wasn’t the most exciting brewery experience of my life because it was small and not in operation on a Sunday afternoon, but the tap room was open, which is what we’re really here for.




Sadly, the King Cake Soda did not have any alcohol in it, but it was delicious nonetheless. Because duh, king cake is delicious. From there, we headed over to Abita Springs to hit up the Abita Brew Pub for some actual food but came across a cute little farmer’s market that temporarily side tracked us with samples and ice cream first. That rounded out the day for me, because I got a touch of food poisoning or something equally as awful and was in bed by 8pm. Thank you for your consideration, body.

To be continued!

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  • Sam Michel

    Oooh the Causeway is one of my least favorite bridges of all time. It’s just CREEPY. So low to the water and SO LONG. And it doesn’t help that my mom used to tell stories (while we were driving on it!) about how sometimes when it’s foggy the barges will run into it and just take out sections. HURL>

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