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My DIY Wedding Decor!

Centerpieces (Photo by Lindsey Zitzke Photography)

Would you believe that I did most of my wedding decor and bridal party bouquets for around $500? I’m a total cheapskate and it’s extremely easy to get carried away spending money on a wedding — but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a classy wedding. With a little help from the internet and the dollar store, I pulled this off easily. Here’s how I did it:

 – I knew I wanted to keep it simple and clean-looking, but classy. Inspired by Pinterest (of course), I decided to make my centerpieces fairly simple. Each table had a set of three bottles (randomly collected from my wonderful lush pals — therefore, FREE) that I spray painted with a little Rustoleum Rose Gold paint from Walmart (around $5 a can). I then hot glued a wide piece of satin black ribbon to keep them together. (This also helped a lot for transport, and so that nobody had to recreate them the day-of.) Lastly, I made a purchase of garlands from, I believe, TableClothsFactory that I broke down into smaller pieces that were wrapped around the centerpieces. (Fun side note: I sold all of my centerpieces, minus one I kept for our kitchen table, for $75 on a Facebook wedding resale group.) The table numbers I cut with my Cricut Explore Air 2, using scrapbook paper I already had at home.

– I made two purchases of flowers from In total, I spent about $150 on sola wood flowers, but I could have actually spent less. The first group of flowers I purchased, I attempted to dye them a pink/coral color, but ultimately changed my mind and didn’t end up using them. The rest, including a $30 pack of 3″ peonies, went into my table decor and the bouquets for my bridesmaids and me. I knew I wanted faux flowers — lower maintenance and a lot cheaper, and you can keep them forever. Pro tip: never buy these when they’re not on sale. Wait a few days and inevitably they’ll be offering some kind of massive discount sale to make it an even better deal.

Stage Decor (Photo by Lindsey Zitzke Photography)

– I also made a purchase of greenery from Ling’s Moment. I think I spent around $150, which is more than I had wanted, but seemed pretty typical for nice faux greenery. For some reason it’s fairly expensive to purchase greenery that isn’t plastic-y and cheap-looking. They had, by far, the nicest looking eucalyptus greenery. This greenery was used both for the bouquets and for the sprigs of green in the centerpieces.

 – For my stage decor, I chose not to to make any kind of arch or backdrop. There are a lot of pretty ideas out there – but none of them felt suited to me. Plus, they felt a little impractical and wasteful. Instead, I chose a simpler plan: 

  • Garlands (5′ long x2, from – cost was about $10-15 apiece. I sold them both on a wedding resale group after the wedding for $15.
  • 5 decorative vases (Dollar Tree, $1 apiece), spray painted rose gold 
  • 3-5 sola wood peonies per vase (part of above purchase)
  • Boxwood bunches (TableClothsFactory, $6.49 apiece x5) — I used some of that messy green foam to kind of bracket them in the bottom of the vase and then some floral tape to bind the bouquets before stabbing it into the foam.
  • Along the top and bottom of the stage, I had 24 cylindrical vases ($1 each, Dollar Tree) filled with water and a floating candle ($16.99 for 48, Amazon) in each. The best part of this is that these can absolutely be reused — I kept them for my sister’s wedding later this year, so that purchase will get a second life!

 Lastly, and probably my biggest pride point, were the bouquets I made for myself and my bridesmaids (4 + small toss bouquet):

Photo by Lindsey Ziztke Photography
Photo by Lindsey Zitzke Photography

In full disclosure, I did take these apart and put them back together about ten times each but I am SO happy with how they turned out. Using the flowers and greenery mentioned above, I made the bouquets first (everything left over was used for the decor, but bouquets had priority). I watched a video of someone making a bouquet with the same materials and what she did first was to bunch up the greenery, and then press the flowers down into it afterward. I used the boxwood to wrap around the handle where the stems met, to hide any weirdness. Then I wrapped the stems with a ton of floral tape, and — get this — cut a paper towel roll lengthwise to wrap around the base and make my handle, so it would have a shape and structure that was easy to hold (I used toilet paper rolls for my bridesmaids’ — hehe). Then I wrapped them with ribbon and ta-da, it looked like I knew what I was doing! I really enjoyed the entire process of making my wedding decor and I am so thankful to my venue who set it all up for me and made it look even better than I could have imagined!

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