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How I pulled off a pandemic wedding

We did it, fam. 437 days after getting engaged, we managed to pull off a COVID-safe pandemic wedding! 437 rollercoaster days of emotional ups and downs and dancing around the unknowns. How can we plan anything in a world like this? We booked our date last May, thinking surely by March things would be okay. But then there was a spike… and another spike that didn’t seem to want to end…

But we did it, and we did it successfully.

The bridal party, masked up during the ceremony.

A few tips for pulling off a COVID wedding:

  • First of all: our venue & catering company, Funky’s Catering/The Transept, was incredible. They were

    flexible with us in regards to rescheduling and guest count. When we were doing some serious soul searching in November and December and not sure what to do, they were patient and reassuring. They also had many COVID precautious of their own in place, assuring us that they put safety and health first. Having the flexibility to change our plans if needed was definitely a comfort. They were also awesome for a ton of other reasons I’ll discuss another time! Flexibility is key for both the venue AND the couple. 
    Photo by Lindsey Zitzke Photography
  • We ended up with about 55 people at our wedding (about half of our original guest list), in a venue that can seat around 200 comfortably. This allowed us the flexibility to space out tables and to use more tables with fewer guests at each.
  • When we invited people, we included a note to make sure that they did not feel obligated to come if they were not comfortable. We didn’t want anybody to feel bad that they couldn’t make it, because we totally understand that everyone has a different comfort level in this time and there certainly were no hard feelings about any of it. We included our venue’s safety protocols and a link to their Responsible ReStart guide for everyone’s reference.
  • Photo by Lindsey Zitzke Photography
    We also sat families together and small groups of friends. Very few people were seated with people they didn’t know and/or already spend time with.
  • Masks were required everywhere! During the ceremony (except for us, though I did walk down the aisle wearing it) and during the reception when not eating, masks were worn by all guests (and staff & vendors). And we didn’t even have to fight anyone about it, because we have awesome friends and family who take it seriously. I also had a package of masks available at the welcome table, in case anyone lost or forgot theirs (or wanted a black one to match the decor) and the venue had hand sanitizer readily available! 

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