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Post-Op Update: 2.5 weeks

This week marked two weeks post-op, although it’s beginning to feel like it was a year ago. I had my first post-op appointment and it went well; the doctor was pleased with the way things were looking. I am starting to feel better, if I sit still and don’t move… but we all know how hard that is for me. I’ve overdone it a little bit with the freedom to drive again (no more pain medication!), and I’ve paid for it by feeling less than great so I’m currently reminding myself to relax and rest (ha!). 

As for body changes, here is the first big one. The photo on the left was the weekend before surgery, in all of my pseudo-pregnancy round belly glory. On the right is last week, now that the surgical swelling has mostly gone down. There is still a bit of tenderness but for the most part, I think the swelling has subsided. All that is left now is regular Rhinegeist belly – and workouts will make that go away! When I’m allowed to work out, of course, so still a few weeks away.

July 22nd vs August 2

Now, here is the real kicker. When I saw my doctor on Tuesday, she sent me the picture of my fibroid. My family had seen this the day of surgery when she addressed them while I was in recovery. I hadn’t seen it until then and I’m just… amazed. This was inside of me! This was inside my uterus, which isn’t a very big organ to begin with. No wonder I looked pregnant…


The really good news is that so far, everything has gone as planned. My incision is healing. The worst side-effects of the fibroid pre-surgery have started to go away. I am starting to feel like a normal human again! I have my belly back! I don’t have to pee every hour! All that is left to do now is continue to rest and finish healing so I can be ready to get back to real life in September.

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  • lousyatlosing

    Hi. I stumbled onto your blog while researching fibroids/myomectomy, and recognized the Cincinnati pictures. I live here, too, and I have a similar story to yours; docs haven’t taken the fibroid/s seriously that they diagnosed 11 years ago with my first pregnancy. I’m now chronically anemic and having other symptoms and they still don’t want to do anything. I’m glad you were able to get help and find someone who listens!

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