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Protecting your hair from hard water

Let me preface this by saying that I, in no way, consider myself any kind of beauty blogger. Beer and food are much more my speed. However, since moving into my house almost six years ago (where does time go?), I’ve struggled massively with my neighborhood’s hard water and the effect it has on my poor hair. Unchecked, it makes my hair feel sticky and hard to manage.

For the last few years I’ve made a conscious effort to find the best hair care treatment possible to mitigate the damaged, sticky hair feeling. And, my friends, I think I may have found it!


I will totally admit that I wash my hair way more than my hair stylist would probably like, but I really love that freshly washed hair feeling. SORRY, KRISTEN. It just feels so good. I have been using Paul Mitchell NEURO Care shampoo and conditioner for a while now and I feel like it does a pretty good job. I just recently added in the Paul Mitchell platinum blonde shampoo as well, trying to keep my pretty blonde from giving in to its auburn tendencies. I also, once a week use the Olaplex No3 hair treatment to help repair it.


Once I’ve done all that and finished my shower, I toss my hair in a turbie towel for a bit and let it take a breather before I start to style. The first step is using a bit of the NEURO Style prime. It’s a bit creamy and it works like a leave-in conditioner and helps me brush out my hair. For some reason, my hair loves to tangle itself without provocation. Next, I do a few sprizes of the Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost, because I have very flat, lifeless, fine hair that will look even more lifeless without it. Then I’ll start to blow dry my hair — roots only! — before adding in the last step.

I use the Silky Smooth product sparingly – it is pretty much just oil so I take a little dab of it, spread it on my fingers and kind of comb my fingers through my hair. It helps, especially during humidity season. Lastly, I attack my locks with this Revlon hair dryer brush, WHICH I LOVE.



I almost never go any further than the blow dryer brush these days (especially since nobody other than my fiance and cats are given the privlege of seeing me), but occasionally I do feel so inclined to run the flat iron through my hair. Before doing that I always use a spritz of the NEURO Style Protect spray on each layer of hair before straightening it. The texturing spray is just a bonus, to help with the illusion that my hair has any body at all.

Of course not all of these tips will work for everyone, but this is the magic concoction I’ve managed to find that’ll help my hair survive hard water and humid Cincinnati summers.

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