The one about how I met Jenny Lawson.

I met The Bloggess yesterday. And it was awesome.

isn’t she adorable?

Let me start by saying I suck at meeting famous people. I know, I know. It’s not like this is the President or The Beatles or something, she probably didn’t even have snipers on the top of the bookshelves, but there is a really good reason that I avoid autograph sessions and things like that. Even when it’s my favorite hockey player in the whole world (okay, especially when it’s my favorite hockey player in the whole world), I am like “heh heh, sign this please heh heh heh” and break out into hives like an asshole. So I usually just avoid the awkwardness completely by being a lurker instead. (Totally not awkward at all.)

But seriously, this was Jenny freaking Lawson. As in, the chick who wrote this hilarious book and a million blog posts that cause me to burst into random bouts laughter in the middle of the lunchroom at work and in the study nooks at school. Mad, mad props to my girl Alison for bringing her book into my life, and encouraging me to go. It was so worth it! She read one of my favorite chapters (Milo the cat-sticker is stuck to that page for quick reference.) And now I know to never, ever use Ex-lax to make my antidepressants work better!

And now I have this:



Dannie & Lexi’s Excellent Househunting Adventure Update: They freaking sold the condo I fell in love with. But that’s okay because I found, like, ten more. So ha.


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