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The Governor – Milford

The Governor

As your friendly Milford gal, I feel it is my duty to pimp any and all Milford businesses because a) I want more cool shit to continue to open here and b) Milford is great. (I promise. Crossing the line into Clermont County doesn’t even require a passport!)

Downtown Milford is mostly a collection of antique/vintage/art shops with a few randoms thrown in (a cobbler? an old school appliance store? A LAMP SHOP). We’ve got a coffee shop that, sadly, is closing up shop next week. We’ve got our own brewery, a wine bar (20 Brix), a pizza joint (Padrino), and an ice cream parlor, and soon* we’ll have our own distillery! (*Sycamore Whiskey is doing an awesome job of revitalizing a historic building, which is taking forever, but I am infinitely patient.)

Then there is The Governor, which opened earlier this year. Named in the spirit of John Pattison, the 43rd Governor of Ohio who happened to make Milford his home. Paul and Neil Barraco of 20 Brix and Padrino fame opened the spot on Main Street in a spot previously home to a godawful hideous doctor’s office or something. Aesthetics, y’all.



This place is seriously cool. It’s honestly not like anything else in Milford — it gives off big OTR/Covington vibes with it’s narrow, subway-tiled, bright dining room. We stopped in one Saturday for lunch on a whim and decided to give the new spot a try.

I had what I would refer to as a fancy version of a Grand Slam because they have breakfast all freakin’ day, and while it looked completely different than I expected it to, it was delicious. The fiance had a burger and fries, which came in a deliciously generous serving (I probably ate most of them for him).


And, thanks to a really fantastic community effort to get approval, they also serve alcohol — a small tap selection, a few bottles, and a good variety of liquors. I had a fantastic gin & tonic in a cute little glass. Their normal hours involve being closed midday between lunch and dinner.



Because of the current health crisis, their dining room is closed but you can still order from them and support a great local business in these weird times. Check out their menu here and you can call them to order at 513-239-8298.

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