Staycation: Cincinnati

The sticky-sweet Butler County Donut Trail

Pick one up!

Have you heard of the Butler County Donut Trail? Just north of Cincinnati, scattered across Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown, Oxford, and West Chester are twelve donut shops known as the Donut Trail, sponsored by the Butler County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. You can download the passport off the website or pick one up in store at any of the locations included. Each one will stamp your passport (Oxford Doughnut Shoppe is optional & comes pre-stamped) and once you’ve got all twelve you can return the passport for a sweet t-shirt.

Last year, a group of my friends got together to do the passport in one fell swoop. Unfortunately I had other commitments so we dropped off about halfway through. This time, though, we got to tag along for all eleven stops (because ain’t nobody got time to drive to Oxford).

The haul.

Look, I’ll admit I’m not the biggest donut fan in the world. About half of the donuts we picked up are still sitting on our kitchen counter. But actually eating the donuts is only half the fun. As noted by my lengthy post about the Brewery Passport Tour, I like a challenge! (I do not, however, like sugar.)


We managed to do them all in about four hours, but there’s no rule that you have to do them all in one trip. We got up at 5:15am to meet our friends at Holtman’s in West Chester by 6. I won’t get out of bed that early for just anyone or anything — but it’s fun to have a group of friends to take small adventures like that with.

Most of our haul were glazed (and donut holes!), but I picked up a few interesting ones along the way: one covered in Fruity Pebbles and a peanut butter cream-filled donut from Jupiter in Fairfield.

My favorite stop on the tour is Holtman’s, mainly because I grew up down the street from the Goshen (“Loveland”) location and Holtman’s cinnamon twists are a staple of my childhood.


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